30 April 2013

Advantages of Using Magento Development for eCommerce Website

Magento is an e-commerce web application developed for small businesses. It is also widely adopted by small business and online retailers. 

These are the advantages of using Magento web development in your business:

Customizable Design – 

Using the Magento web development software for your ecommerce business venture will help you create your store design: brand, products and services for the customers regardless of your design capabilities. What’s more? You can upload your designed logo into your webpage dashboard and can select beautifully styled and professionally made template for your site. Also, page realignment is as easy as it gets. Drag and drop feature is also available in Magento CRS.  

Product Options – 

Magento Web Development gives you the option to make your own products and create descriptions and specifications for every product. Let’s say that you sell digital cameras, you can add the specific megapixels and dimensions of each camera. In addition, you can add group options and selections for customers to make it more convenient for them to purchase and inspect your products before buying it for their personal use. Magento’s powerful interface can also filter out the products based on consumer’s preferred options. 
Search Engine Visibility – 

Magento will assist you make your store and products to become more visible and popular, easily view able by customers through top search engines like Google and Yahoo. Magento web design is designed especially to incorporate search engine optimization into it so, as a businessman, you are not required to invest huge amounts of money for your products to become searched online.

Customer Retention – 

Once that you have successfully established a good and striking image to your consumers through your products, your next task is to keep them on track and preserve the good relationship. That’s why Magento web design offers a complete toolbox of applications and tools that will help you retain your consumers

    a. Coupons – Coupons can be customized can be given to your consumers, and followers for their continued patronage to your business
    b. Gift Cards – Magento is also offering gift cards so that your consumers can purchase credits and deposit it into the cards for their shopping convenience. 
    c. Banners – Promotional banners can be displayed to stores, office buildings, and other places which has high chance of visibility. In this way, your product can be popular and easily recognized.

Customer Engagement – 

With Magento, you can give your customers the tools they need to get what they want. As a marketer, you can help your consumers to purchase the products they need through website interactivity and usefulness. An example of this is the one-click product comparison.

Additional Extensions – 

Magento web development content management system offers an application place wherein you can find useful extensions and add ons for your personal website. 

Magento is really a great investment for your business! Here at eTraffic Web Design Group, we specialize in content management system and Magento Development system is also concerned. We will help you gain an edge from your competitors. Contact us and we’ll give you great options and advice on how to become successful in the Internet world! 


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