28 March 2013

12 Important Elements of A Home Page Design to Improve A User Experience.

A homepage is a crucial page of the website. It is commonly the source of traffic and visibility. That’s why it is important to achieve a great traffic rate. This is stage where in it would be good to observe the performance of your website. A home page must contain few elements which can help visitors to buy product from your online store or to take services from your company. Following are few very important elements of Custom Web Design layout to generate better usability. 

1. Headline – This is one of the 12 elements, which also represent your focal point. Within 3 seconds, a website needs to answer the following question: “what does this site offer?” Just keep your headline clear and simple. Be brief and straight to the point. Do not fluff.

2. Sub Headline – This part of the homepage contains the description of what you are offering to the consumer. Avoid gobbledygook and vague language. Be unique and different to show value. You can talk about the essence of your business and its specialty. Do not talk about yourself.

3. Benefits - It is important to tell and describe your primary purpose for making this homepage: what you do in this industry, why it matters, what are the aims of this business. Moreover, prospects want to know the benefits and advantages of your business. 

4. Calls To Action – Include multiple calls to action or CTA above the fold is important to driving and engaging in conversions. You can offer two to three call to action that map to different stages of the buying cycle.

5. Features – Tell and describe your consumers what are the key features of the homepage and the business. This gives people more of an understanding of what’s provided by your products and services. 

6. Consumer Proof – Customers are important source of not only your return of revenue but also praise and criticism. In addition, consumer proof is a power indicator of trust, so, include just a few of your best short quotes on the homepage. Adding a name and a photograph along with the quote will make the testimonials more realistic and believable. 

7. Success Indicators – In addition to customer success, awards and recognition are other key elements and aspects to making a very good impression for customers. 

8. Navigation – To decrease bounce rates, your visitors need a clear and easy path into your website from the homepage. Make sure that your visitors can navigate your website as simple and easy as possible to avoid confusion. 

9. Supporting Image – Visual perception is a sense of a person. Most people are visual. Make sure to use an image that clearly indicate what you are offering. You can also integrate short clips or videos. Avoid using stock photos from the internet or fake business people. Be original!

10. Content Offer – To generate even more leads from your homepage, you can offer a really great content for your homepage such as an e-book or a guide about your product.

11. Resources – There is an approximate 96 per cent of visitors to your website that are not ready to buy. However, make sure that you can offer a link to a resource center where they can learn more about your product or service. 

12. Secondary Calls To Action – When visitors end at the bottom of your homepage, do not forget to display calls-to-action there as well for even more lead generation opportunities. These parts are not just only for top of the page but as well as the bottom part of the page. 

These 12 important elements must be presented in an organized and efficient manner in the webpage. Executing this will ensure that the webpage is properly sequenced and arranged. eTraffic Web  Design is a Web Design Company in Australia which offers professional and custom web design services at affordable price. Contact our experts for website design, development, logo and graphic design and content management system development in Australia.

23 March 2013

Benefits of Having Well Designed Website for Branding

Your brand is your own personal trademark, it is an edge from all business competitors, and it makes your business unique and different. It sets an improvement from all others. That’s why it is imperative that you maintain the credibility of your brand to ensure success and popularity of your production.

A website is a valuable marketing strategy that enable a significant boost to your business, a website also helps make business brand to be well known for everybody. In addition, enhancing your brand will make your business generate more revenue and profit. 

Efficient website management and composition is vital. So, the first thing to do is to the strategic website brand overview, to include useful information about the brand and its significance to the needs of the consumer. You can place supplemental business information in the website; it doesn't have to be long. A few, brief sentences will do as long as it is direct to the point and straightforward.

The next consideration is the spacing. An effective web designer maximizes the available space provided in the website. Details about the brand, contact information and address, and other related stuff should be placed in the right areas of the website to ensure visibility. Make your website simple but filled with relevant information about your business. 

Third is the brand logo, the selection of the suitable logo is important. Also, the placement of it is vital because the brand logo is a sign of uniqueness and identification. You can select the proper position of the logo wherein the site visitors will remember your business and its specializations. The size of the logo also matters. Dimensions of the logo must be coordinated with the website’s typography and selected imagery. 

Fourth is the color choice for the brand. The colors must be coordinated with each other complement with the theme of the product and logo. Therefore, you must select a uniform color palette for proper web design perspective. Failure to select the proper colors for your website will end up in chaotic perception and confusion for the site visitors and possible consumers. 

Fonts and typography depicts professionalism and creativity. You can opt to choose between serif and sans serif fonts. However you must choose the suitable type of fonts for the brand logo and for the overall look and feel of the website. The suggested font style used by professional enterprises is the sans serif fonts such as Arial.

When all these guidelines are effectively followed then it must be integrated and bring it all together to bring out the unparalleled output. Professional Web Design is the structure of the business. The above selection will greatly increase the impact and performance of the business segment. It will relatively increase the sales of the enterprise. 

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20 March 2013

Importance of Website Design to Get Better SEO Results and Conversion Rate

It is vital to have an online identity to represent your business nowadays. Only having a website for your business is not enough in this highly competitive online world. Competition is becoming tougher with the rapidly increasing online business. You should have to have a well-designed, appealing and professional looking website to make your mark on the online business place. It is fact that you can reach to the huge online audience through your website and they can be your perspective customers and can give you a better business. Website design plays an important role to convert visitors into customers. If you are going for the SEO activities to get better visibility in the search engines, there are few things to keep in mind while designing website to make it search engine friendly. Let us have a look at some of the technical aspects of web designing to help your SEO activities to perform better.

Make Web Page Load Faster

Website Loading Speed is one of the most important factors which all major search engines consider while displaying the search result as a research shows that the majority of the visitors leave the web page if it fails to load within 5 seconds. If you have a webpage full of high resolution images or multimedia, which might slow down your page loading speed. It can end up in lots of departure visitors and increased bounce rate which is not at all a good signal to get better search ranking performance. So it is very important to make your website load faster in different devices. You can use light or compressed images and scripts to make your website load faster. Faster loading means better user experience and better user experience means improved SERP performance.

SEO Friendly Design Helps Search Engine to Reach to All Pages Smoothly

A Corporate Web Design should be SEO friendly. SEO friendly website design means having a website structure which is easy to crawl by search engine spider and at the same time provides the superlative user experience to the online visitors. Website design plays a very important role in the SEO practices nowadays that is why it is recommended to have an SEO friendly website design to minimize the stress of SEO guys and search engines as well by providing them exactly what they want. Website layout and design structure is the most important factor to consider while preparing for SEO friendly Website Design. A next key element of the SEO friendly web design is URL structure and navigation system on the website. If URL structure is easy to remember and it is simple to navigate from one page to another Google boot will find it easier to crawl all pages of your website same as website visitors. Use of images and multimedia also can be tricky to create well performing web design. Keeping right images at the right place and highlighting the main content above the fold is very important to tell Google and users what this page is all about. You can also perform different usability tests experimenting with different elements of web design to find the best combination of website design and SEO requirements.

SEO Helps to Bring Visitors and Web Design Helps Them Converting into Customer

The role of web design starts when someone first comes to your website. As a famous quote says “First impress is the last impression”, if you will create a positive note on the visitor's mind at his first visit it will definitely help you to convert him in your customer. The SEO people’s job is to bring visitors to the site and tell online users about the services provide but the real conversion process starts when someone actually comes to the site. If someone looking for the same product or services you offer come across your site as a result of the SEO efforts but if he/she is not pleased with your website design or presentation they will never take services from your company and will also create a negative impression about your brand. So it is very important to understand the need of the customers and design the website accordingly to improve the conversion rate.

If you have the website but facing problems in getting SEO results and your website conversion rate is very low, than Website Redesign is the best solution for you. It is not too late yet. Contact eTraffic Web Design Company for web design and development, Website Redesign, eCommerce web design, logo design and responsive web design services at affordable rates in Australia. 

18 March 2013

The Principal of Layout Design for Professional Website Designing.

The layout is a vital concern when creating and composing a website since it affects the general look of the site, therefore it also influence the site visitor. Web layout has diverse sections and a web designer must follow the proceeding guidelines in order to come up with a successful output.

The first part is all about the dimension of the website. During the innovation of the Internet, the pioneer sites that emerged online during the 90’s didn't know the essence of dimensions and placement. Cluttered boxes and large images and text are scattered all over the website. White space isn't used that much and the whole page is dedicated on the center part of the website, thus the overall page isn't maximized effectively because the size limit in the past is 640 by 640 only, small and cramped.

However, because of the constant upgrade and discovery of mobile phones, tablet computers and e-book readers in the new era, the 640 by 640 dimension is completely objectionable, thus giving the chance for webpage designers to make the most of the space of the website, considering the array of screen dimension of phones, laptops and internet browsers. As time progressed, the new standard screen dimension followed by web browsers and mobile phones is 1240 by 1240.

In addition, text is a significant content that needs to be added to the layout of the webpage. Consideration of the font style, size, and dimension must be selected for the overall presentation of the webpage. Consistency is the key for effective readability and understanding of the information.

Image alignment is another aspect of a good web layout. The frequent alignment is that the illustration is placed on the left side while the description is on the right. Correct placement of text and images means that it is an effective presentation. Furthermore, the flow of information is steady, which allows the reader to understand and recognize what must be delivered by the site.

Likewise, the image size is also a point of consideration, too. Suppose that the page has a large horizontal space available for image insertion, therefore, horizontal images must be inserted to ensure exact measurements and original image resolution is preserved. Overall alignment conveys harmony and balance to the webpage and can create a good impression to the site reader.

Professional website design and development services can help you to make your website more user friendly and readable. There are lots of professionals in Australia which provides Affordable Web Design Services. Designing website requires lots of skills and dedication. Web layout design is the most important part of developing corporate website design for your business. It defines the whole structure of the website appearance.

Web layout should be taken very seriously because it is a factor that contributes to the success and promotion of the website, it needs not to be overly designed and arranged but simplicity is the key. What’s important is the content and knowledge given by the website itself that makes a difference.  

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