28 March 2013

12 Important Elements of A Home Page Design to Improve A User Experience.

A homepage is a crucial page of the website. It is commonly the source of traffic and visibility. That’s why it is important to achieve a great traffic rate. This is stage where in it would be good to observe the performance of your website. A home page must contain few elements which can help visitors to buy product from your online store or to take services from your company. Following are few very important elements of Custom Web Design layout to generate better usability. 

1. Headline – This is one of the 12 elements, which also represent your focal point. Within 3 seconds, a website needs to answer the following question: “what does this site offer?” Just keep your headline clear and simple. Be brief and straight to the point. Do not fluff.

2. Sub Headline – This part of the homepage contains the description of what you are offering to the consumer. Avoid gobbledygook and vague language. Be unique and different to show value. You can talk about the essence of your business and its specialty. Do not talk about yourself.

3. Benefits - It is important to tell and describe your primary purpose for making this homepage: what you do in this industry, why it matters, what are the aims of this business. Moreover, prospects want to know the benefits and advantages of your business. 

4. Calls To Action – Include multiple calls to action or CTA above the fold is important to driving and engaging in conversions. You can offer two to three call to action that map to different stages of the buying cycle.

5. Features – Tell and describe your consumers what are the key features of the homepage and the business. This gives people more of an understanding of what’s provided by your products and services. 

6. Consumer Proof – Customers are important source of not only your return of revenue but also praise and criticism. In addition, consumer proof is a power indicator of trust, so, include just a few of your best short quotes on the homepage. Adding a name and a photograph along with the quote will make the testimonials more realistic and believable. 

7. Success Indicators – In addition to customer success, awards and recognition are other key elements and aspects to making a very good impression for customers. 

8. Navigation – To decrease bounce rates, your visitors need a clear and easy path into your website from the homepage. Make sure that your visitors can navigate your website as simple and easy as possible to avoid confusion. 

9. Supporting Image – Visual perception is a sense of a person. Most people are visual. Make sure to use an image that clearly indicate what you are offering. You can also integrate short clips or videos. Avoid using stock photos from the internet or fake business people. Be original!

10. Content Offer – To generate even more leads from your homepage, you can offer a really great content for your homepage such as an e-book or a guide about your product.

11. Resources – There is an approximate 96 per cent of visitors to your website that are not ready to buy. However, make sure that you can offer a link to a resource center where they can learn more about your product or service. 

12. Secondary Calls To Action – When visitors end at the bottom of your homepage, do not forget to display calls-to-action there as well for even more lead generation opportunities. These parts are not just only for top of the page but as well as the bottom part of the page. 

These 12 important elements must be presented in an organized and efficient manner in the webpage. Executing this will ensure that the webpage is properly sequenced and arranged. eTraffic Web  Design is a Web Design Company in Australia which offers professional and custom web design services at affordable price. Contact our experts for website design, development, logo and graphic design and content management system development in Australia.

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