19 April 2013

Tips for Having a Responsive Web Design

Designers cannot rely on one screen size anymore, with the consistent evolution of the mobile industry, there is a high chance that a new gadget will sprout another set of design specifications. More than a simple design trend today, responsive web design is a series of modernized tools and tips that aims to reset and rearrange the way data is displayed and shown on all device capacities. Here are some tips for having a responsive web design web page:

Simplicity Is Beauty

It sure sounds like common sense, yes. But really, keeping your website clean and simple as possible is the first thing to do! In order to have a personal responsive web design practice, first things first: the user interface must me plain and simple. Get rid of critical Javascript or Flash that are unnecessary, useless and float positioning, and anything that is redundant or totally useful. Instead, use HTML5 doctype and guidelines for your site, moreover, reset a style sheet and compose a simple and a semantic core layout for your site. Keep all things simple and do not rely on Java special effects or tricks.

The Media Queries

The responsive web design must cater to focus on all the width conditions and specifications depending on the client’s current width. You must therefore load an alternate style sheet to add specific styles. 
The most frequent resolutions in mobile gadgets are the major breaks and the minor breaks specifically 480/768/1024 and 320/720/900 respectively. Always keep in mind that the desktop limit is 1024 px.


Common resolution breakpoints are sorted out in different ways namely: 

  • In first Gen Smartphones, target the portrait mode with <480 px rule.
  • High end smart phones and iPads cater on the <768 px rule. 
  • >768 px style is suitable for everything bigger.
  • However, it is nice to have these specific size resolutions:
  • <320 px style sheet for low res screens and small sized dimensions
  • For iPads and tablet pc, a precise >768 px by <1024 px rule is considered
  • Wide design desktops should have a >1024 px style sheet
Layout Flexibility

The flexibility and adaptability are also a major consideration for Responsive Websites, flexible grids use columns to arrange and organize web content. Fluid layout is a good way to be ready for any kind of screen size and orientation. When combined with the right media queries it is more likely for your site to become adaptive to screens.

Appropriate Picture Dimensions

Apply the first tip here: keep all things simple and uniform. Maintain a fluid style in the pictures. The adaptive setting for a responsive web design is 100 % width. On the other hand, breakpoints cannot be manipulated in a media query alone. That’s why it has two possible solutions: use background images or show or hide parent in media inquiries.

The Max and the Min

You can use max-* and min-* as boundaries applied to your relative sizes. This will prevent your layout to grow in a ridiculous way when shown in an either large or small device or gadget. 


One major rule is to set up in the low resolution style sheet is to get all the content in one column. This is easy to achieve. In a nutshell, simply override the width of every column bloc in your mobile sheet to 100 % width. 

Skip the Non Essentials 

Some parts of your web design will never appear or be used in a mobile context: Remove them. Think about the critical parts of your site that needs to be included: advertising, products, tips, FAQs and tips are the important points. 

Keeping it REAL

Many mobile browsers on the market nowadays copies a desktop view option in the browser: nicely putting and squeezing all high resolutions into tiny monitor screens. A powerful feature, yet a major obstacle to responsive web design. 

With these helpful tips you must be able to compose a useful and efficient, top of the line web page that is adaptable to all mobile devices. Creating an adaptable web page will result in high traffic, and success of your business. eTraffic Web Design is the leading web design and development company in Australia. You can also contact the experts at eTraffic to get the solution of all your web design or development related queries. 


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